Create quick and easy GIF screen captures in seconds
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Menu Bar App
No annoying and complicated interfaces. Kepture lives in your menu bar.
No Bloatware
Kepture does one thing and does it well.
Completely Offline
Kepture works anywhere, anytime.
Easy To Use
It's as easy as taking a screenshot.
With a keyboard shortcut, Kepture is always at your fingertips.
Direct Communication
A picture paints a thousand words. Forget long e-mail discussions.
No Account Needed
Instantly begin making GIFs without having to set up any accounts.
No Plug-ins Or Players
Kepture GIFs are super portable. Just treat them like regular screenshots. Simply copy or drag-and-drop them to other apps.
Click and drag
Press ⇧ ⌘ 5, then click and drag to select an area on your screen. Your recording will begin when you release your mouse or trackpad.
Select a window
Start a session by pressing ⇧ ⌘ 5, then press the spacebar . Hover over any window and click to start recording.
Share your work
Easily share animated content or UI sketches with your co-workers.
Help someone out
Need to show your parents how to increase text size on their laptops? Showing them is easier than telling them.
Capture fun times
Capture your dearest FaceTime moments or make a GIF from your favorite YouTube videos.
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